DVD ‘A Quest For Meaning’


The improvised road trip of two childhood friends who seek to understand what led to the current crises and where the change could come.

A Quest for Meaning tells the story of an impromptu road-trip undertaken by two childhood friends looking to understand the causes of the world’s crises and to find a way to bring about change. Neither fiction nor non-fiction, neither fully objective nor overly sentimental, this film is above all a road-movie revealing the profound aspirations of a whole generation, in search of wisdom and common sense… Through the words of activists, biologists, philosophers, or guardians of ancestral traditions, Marc de la Ménardière and Nathanael Coste invite us along on their questioning of the world, and present us with alternatives that are already building the world of tomorrow. An inspiring, life-changing journey that renews our confidence in our capacity to bring about change, within ourselves and within society.

Languages: French, French hearing impaired

Subtitles: English , German, Spanish, Portuguese, Esperanto 87 mn - Pal - DVD9 - All Zones - 16/9 format, stereo </div> </div>

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